Short Stories

“The Worldwife”
Pat suspects his neighbor of torturing a recently purchased sex robot, and weighs his few, grim options of response.

When all signs in a small-town murder case point to an urban legend, a scientist is dispatched to investigate.


“The Winners from Millbury”
Quiet, awkward Gene Logan doesn’t like attention, but when rumor spreads his high school was infiltrated by a robot, he’s thrust into the spotlight.

“Model Soldiers”
A nation with no army is threatened by a foreign power and must train soldiers from the ground up, making use of minds not touched by its peacetime culture — children.

“The Endless Matinee”
Joanna discovers she’s the clone of a woman who died by suicide, and vows to be a mother to the daughter left behind, even if it means erasing her current self.

“Vertical Retrace”
An assassin who covers her tracks by erasing the memories of her target in their friends and family discovers an old confidant doesn’t remember her.

“Keepers of Heaven”
“The Jessie Allen Complex”
“The Biography of Charles A. King”
“The White Cube”
“Princess Azalea”
“Passerby Station”


Among the Wanderers
The Sky for My Child
Walking Nation
The Cosmic Princess